Water Quality Grant

Watershed Trust Stands Ready With Oil-Spill Cleanup Kits

 Pierce Pond Twp, Maine (June 12, 2017) -- Thanks to a grant from Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, the Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust (MWWT) will have two strategically placed emergency oil-spill mitigation kits to help protect the pristine waters of Somerset County’s Pierce Pond.

The $5,000 Good Neighbor grant will also fund construction of properly sited and constructed privies at up to six campsites on the shores and islands of Pierce Pond. In addition, a kiosk will be erected to educate watershed users about invasive aquatic species.

"These emergency oil-spill mitigation kits will be located at the boat launch at Lindsay Cove, and at the dock at Cobb’s Pierce Pond Camps. They will enable a quick and effective response to any fuel spills from watercraft or on-shore vehicles and tanks that could threaten water quality as well as fish and wildlife," said MWWT President Carl Freeman. “We’re so honored to have Poland Spring’s support. This grant will flow through the watershed in the form of enhanced water quality protection.”

Since 2000, Poland Spring’s Good Neighbor grant program has given more than $7 million to local Maine communities and causes. This is the second grant MWWT has received from the company. “Poland Spring is committed to protecting Maine’s environment and partnering with organizations that do just that,” commented Heather Printup, Poland Spring Community Relations Manager.

 Pierce Pond is the dominant feature of a tranquil 11,000-acre watershed straddling Bowtown and Pierce Pond Townships. MWWT has worked since 1989 to protect the watershed and prevent development.

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