Our Mission

The mission of the Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust, a private, non-profit organization, is to protect the wild character, natural resources and scenic beauty of the Pierce Pond watershed and preserve traditional public recreational use ofthe area.

Pierce Pond and the surrounding watershed is an area of great natural beauty.  The undeveloped forest and pristine waters provide abundant habitat for a diverse range of plant and animal life.  Over many generations the area has offered visitors the finest in wilderness recreation pursuits including fishing, hunting, hiking, nature observation, and             low-impact boating.

In recent years there have been increasing pressures on the resources of the North Maine Woods. Land speculation has led to the subdivision of unspoiled lake shores. As more and more land is developed, public access to recreational lands is limited.  New roads have changed the character and traditional recreational uses of once-remote areas.  In some locations, destructive forest practices have threatened water quality and wildlife.

MWWT seeks to permanently protect Pierce Pond from these potential threats by

  • Acquiring land and conservation easements to prevent future development in the watershed and preserve the character of the region;
  • Ensuring continued public access to Pierce Pond;
  • Working cooperatively with watershed landowners to develop management initiatives that will conserve the wildlife, water quality, and other natural resources within the watershed;
  • Educating users to treat the watershed lands with respect; and
  • Working together with forest landowners to manage recreational use in a manner that will provide equitable public access to those wishing to enjoy the wild nature of the watershed, while ensuring that human pressures do not degrade the resources of the area.


Our Mission