"You can't go home again," the saying goes, but in fact each return trip to Pierce Pond feels like coming home. Your donations make it all possible. Thank you for supporting our work.

Categories of Membership

    Individual $35 - $99
    Family $100 - $249
    Sponsor $250 - $499
    Benefactor $500 - $999
    Sustaining $1,000 or more

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In 1989, as they watched lake after lake in Maine fall to shoreline development, a small group of Pierce-Ponders decided to try to protect Pierce Pond from the same fate. They joined together, created the Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust, and began the process of methodically pursuing initiatives that would permanently protect not just Pierce Pond, but the entire Pierce Pond watershed. Not only that, but MWWT is the first land trust in Maine, and possibly in the country, to acquire conservation easements that seek to ensure that commercial sporting camps are available for future generations to enjoy.

MWWT owes its continuing success to the steadfast support of our membership. By being a member of MWWT, you will stand with others in the Pierce Pond community who have chosen to protect this treasure for future generations. MWWT is sustained by donations and by an active membership upon whom we can call when an important acquisition is in our sights.