Pierce Pond and the surrounding watershed is an area of great natural beauty that since 1989 The Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust has fought to protect.  The undeveloped forest and pristine waters provide abundant habitat for a diverse range of plant and animal life. This history details 29 years of MWWT accomplishments.

Fishing Party

Fishing Party

1989: Upon learning that the eastern shore of Pierce Pond may soon be sold off, friends of Pierce Pond gather and decide to start a land trust.  The Maine Wilderness Watershed Trust is born.

1990: The Trust receives a donation of a conservation easement on 1700 acres of land along eastern shore of Pierce Pond.

1991: Easement lands are put up for sale.  Trust finds conservation buyer (Valentine) to purchase the property.

1994: Trust prepares application to federal Forest Legacy program to purchase conservation easements on remaining watershed lands.

1995: Trust purchases 1770 acres of land along eastern edge of watershed from Central Maine Power Company.

1996: Trust sells a conservation easement on its property to Forest Legacy program.  Forest Legacy also purchases a conservation easement on 6800 acres of land owned by S.D. Warren Company (now Plum Creek Timber Company).

1998: Forest Legacy purchases addition conservation easement protection on Valentine land.  Sappi/S.D. Warren sells all of its Maine land to Plum Creek Timber Company.

Looking Out Over Kilgore Pond

Looking Out Over Kilgore Pond

1999: MWWT acquires conservation easements protecting the shoreline of the Otter Ponds and 10 miles of the Dead River and Kennebec River.

2001:  MWWT spearheads development of Backcountry Area Agreement among watershed landowners that will help preserve the remote character of the watershed by prohibiting new public access roads.

2002: MWWT acquires 190 acres including 1.5 miles of frontage on the Dead River.  Acquiring this parcel fills an important gap resulting in the conservation of approximately 12 miles of continuous shoreline along the Dead and Kennebec Rivers in Bowtown Township. 

2006: MWWT acquires conservation easement on Cobb’s Pierce Pond Camps property ensuring that the unique character and use of this traditional Maine sporting camp will be preserved.

2010: MWWT acquires conservation easement on Harrison's Camps property ensuring that the use of this traditional Maine sporting camp on Pierce Pond Stream will be preserved.

2011: MWWT receives donation of conservation easement from John and Roland Ware on 211 acres including extensive frontage on Pierce Pond, the Thoroughfare, Pickerel Pond and Horseshoe Pond.

2015: The MWWT Board of Directors adopts ownership of the entire Pierce Pond watershed as the primary goal of future activities.

2017: The MWWT Board of Directors votes to initiate the PIERCE POND FOREVER campaign, with the goal of raising sufficient funds to acquire remaining watershed lands and provide for their long-term stewardship.