Bottle Challenge

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Bottle Challenge! Nearly $5,000 was raised!!!

MWWT'S 2017/18
Bottle challenge
is here!

Saving the Watershed . . . One Dime at a Time

Did you know that one standard 20-ounce water/soda bottle filled with dimes = $100?

Do you believe that in a little under a year, you could fill one bottle?

Can you just imagine, with the commitment of all of our members, how easy and successful this can be?

Would you take this challenge to help preserve the watershed?



Last year we presented a challengeto hold a Cash 300-Raffle. MWWT's members stepped up, and we met that challenge, to the benefit of the Trust and the winner!

For this year’s challenge, we are asking all members to fill just one 20-OUNCE water bottle with dimes, to donate to MWWT by the 2018 annual banquet in March. Two MWWT stickers have been sent out to each member for these bottles. Put a bottle on your kitchen counter—this is a great fundraiser to get the kids involved in! If you are successful, keep filling them! By next year’s annual banquet we could total a very impressive amount, if every member were to take on this simple challenge.

There will be a special gift to the person/family who fills the most bottles!!

Sometimes with very little effort,
we can do great things.